Things can go wrong any time, any day ….

At Cayman Animal Hospital we can help you through those scary times when your pet becomes suddenly ill, is injured, or has ingested something that could be lethal.

If your pet becomes unwell once regular office hours are over, you can contact one of our duty doctors any time on 916 8387.

A prompt response will allow a full evaluation of your pet’s condition quickly so that appropriate treatment can begin. From minor infections to life-threatening trauma, the duty veterinarian will evaluate, diagnoses and treat a range of medical problems, including those that may require surgery.

For pets requiring hospitalization, our doctors will offer continued support of your pet which may or may not involve the presence of qualified personnel. Our system supports the use of wireless internet cameras which permit us to allow regular assessment of your pet when we are away from the premises. In exceptional circumstances we have been known to stay at the hospital or on occasion take our patients home with us!

If your pet requires emergency treatment you will be required to attend the hospital on Crewe Road. In these circumstances home visits are not offered as all medicines, diagnostic equipment and treatment options are available at the hospital to aid your pet’s efficient diagnosis and treatment in a crisis.

Conditions we often treat:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Urinary obstruction in cats
  • Bloat
  • Motor vehicle trauma
  • Seizures
  • Sudden-onset complications arising from diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease