Ruby picture

Lauren Ruby, “Ruby” is a Veterinary Assistant with The Cayman Animal Hospital. Although Ruby is originally from Roanoke, Virginia, she has been calling Cayman her home for 10 years now, and is a graduate of Triple C. Ruby is a certified veterinary assistant/wildlife rehabilitator, and holds the certification from The Animal Behavior College. 

Growing up in a rural area which included horses and other farm life, Ruby’s never not been around animals and from a young age has been a big lover of animals. She has volunteered at wildlife museums working touch tanks and educating the public on local wildlife. She’s also volunteered at multiple humane societies, helping with training, walking dogs, socializing cats, and even worked at the Cayman Islands Humane Society BookShop during her senior year of high school. Ruby has also spent many hours working at groomers/boarding facilities, before she decided the medical field was her calling.

When she isn’t surrounding herself with animals, you’ll most likely find her on the beach, kayaking in the mangroves, hanging out with her family, and going out at night to listen to live music from local artists.