Known to everyone as Sugar rather than Prudence Evans, Sugar is originally from Spanish Town Jamaica. She came to the Cayman Islands back in 1999 for a visit where she fell in love with the quietness of the Cayman Islands, she quickly landed a job at the Cayman Islands Humane Society as an Animal Care Attendant. It was a dream come true as she grew up with animals back in Jamaica where her father would take in and feed all the community strays.

In 2004 just after Hurricane Ivan, Sugar was promoted to Shelter Manager; she was so dedicated to the animals she had cared for and by this time she knew the shelter inside and out. She went to visit other Animal Care Facilities and Numerous Workshops in the U.S.A to gain knowledge and more experience.

In 2010 Sugar decided to take a break to go back home to Jamaica to be with her 2 girls. Upon her return she joined the Cayman Animal Hospital family with her love and compassion for animals.

When she is not at work she to listen to some good old Bob Marley music and her favorite song is “One Love”