Saying Goodbye …

Pet ownership is a rewarding, loving partnership that many of us have been lucky to be a part of. These partnerships can last from just a few short days into many, many years, and the impact our pets have is lasting.

This is why it is that much harder to say goodbye when the time comes. At the Cayman Animal Hospital we understand the difficult choices our clients have to make, and strive to make the decision process as stress-free and painless as possible for both the owners and patients.

There will always be a member of our team available to talk to you and answer any questions you may have or simply just to listen.

Once a decision has been made we shall do our very best for the welfare of your pet, but we also take care of the needs of you and your family.

Some clients may prefer to think about and discuss the options for cremation or burial before the event, (a handout is available from reception, detailing all of these) allowing themselves to then concentrate solely on saying good bye to a treasured friend on the day.

Please see our Resources section for further information regarding this delicate subject.