“Caring for your pets as if they were our own”

In the event that your pet may require short or long-term hospitalization so that appropriate therapy and diagnostic testing can be performed, our dedicated and qualified professional team will provide your pet with a very high standard of care using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

All hospitalized pets have daily physical examinations done by the case veterinarian to monitor any change in their condition. The doctor or veterinary technician updates you with a progress report after potential further diagnostic tests have been performed and all evaluations are completed on a daily basis. We aim to provide clear communication between your and your pet’s doctor.

Intravenous support:

IV fluids and drugs are precisely administered with state of the art fluid pumps. We are able to correct and maintain hydration and electrolyte balances in patients that are unable to eat or drink or require extra support. We are also able to administer pain control therapy in this way so that your pet receives constant pain management and aid in their recovery from surgery, illness or disease.

Oxygen support:

Should your pet require oxygen therapy, our hospital is equipped with an oxygen cage and oxygen delivery system directly to our critical patients. This is especially important for pets suffering from severe respiratory and cardiac diseases.

Comfort and enrichment:

The use of appeasing pheromones, cardboard boxes for cats (hideouts), hammocks and soft cushion bedding is widely used and provided for. However if there is a special toy or small item that you wish to leave with your pet for their comfort this is happily accommodated. Please alert us to any special diets your pet may be receiving.

Isolation facilities:

In order to keep all of our patients safe, animals that have contagious diseases are hospitalized in a separate isolation ward.

Visiting Hours:

A short visit with your pet is actively encouraged here at Cayman Animal Hospital. In our experience, a visit by you with your pet makes all the difference in lifting their spirits and aiding in their recovery. Please see reception for appropriate visiting hours.

24 Hour Care:

After business hours, veterinary service is provided to our active registered patients as necessary according to the judgment of the veterinarian in charge. For security reasons, non-clients may not be serviced and are asked to contact their usual veterinary provider in an emergency.

If your registered pet is seriously injured or ill you may contact the duty veterinarian on 916 PETS (7387) and they will promptly assist you.